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Craft Room Tour

Butterfly Crafts Craft Room Tour

On Instagram I often share snippets of what happens behind the scenes at Butterfly Crafts and that includes snapshots of my craft room. I thought I would take a bit of time today and share my craft room set up in more detail – be prepared for a lot of photos!

When we moved into our house back in April 2014 we decided that the second reception room downstairs would be perfect for my craft room, it overlooks the garden and has great natural light. You can see the original room in the “Craft Room – In The Beginning‘ blog post from April 2015 – it was painted grey with awful carpet. ┬áThe room is painted lilac and I have tried to maximise as much storage space as possible, primarily using Ikea units and various storage boxes.

Butterfly Crafts Craft Room Tour

Butterfly Crafts Craft Room Tour

Butterfly Crafts Craft Room Tour

In the corner of the craft room are my old wardrobes which I’ve renamed my Crafterobe. They have sliding doors, one side is mainly shelves and the other is shelves and drawers which are really great for fabric storage as fabric is best stored flat and away from sunlight.

Butterfly Crafts Craft Room Tour

I have a small TV which is great for watching DVDs or listening to the radio whilst I craft. Above the TV I have a couple of shelves housing the TiVo box but also my bucket filled with packaging supplies, a mini version of my wedding bouquet and other pretty things.

Butterfly Crafts Craft Room Tour

On the back of the door I have baskets which are great for holding ribbons and rolls of ricrac. On the side of the ‘crafterobe’ I also have a pin board with loads of happy inspiration. We are thinking of changing the doors in our hallway soon meaning this door will change to one with glass which will be great for added light.

Butterfly Crafts Craft Room Tour

My final element of storage is an Ikea Billy Bookcase with a glass door. I use the top shelves for button and thread storage and my sewing kit and the bottom shelves are for my craft books, both technique and small business books.

Butterfly Crafts Craft Room Tour

The table I use in the craft room is our old dining room table, at one end I have a small 2×2 Expedit unit with storage boxes. The table is covered with oilcloth making it great for crafting as its easy to clean. I love the view from this space and the large sliding doors which I can open in warm weather and listen to the birds chirp. Behind the table is a blank wall space and I have a few ideas in mind for decorating it – watch this space!

Butterfly Crafts Craft Room Tour

I do love working in my craft room, its my place of calm and creativity, where I can spend hours just looking at fabric and pretty things or sit and watch the birds outside whilst I create. I hope you enjoy seeing where the magic happens for Butterfly Crafts, if there is anything you’d like to know about or see up close just let me know!

Butterfly Crafts Craft Room Tour

Craft Room – In the Beginning

When we moved into our house last April I was so excited because I was finally going to have a dedicated craft room in which to create (read – create mess) and run Butterfly Crafts Handmade Emporium from.

The room we had allocated as BCHQ was the second reception room downstairs, it has patio doors and overlooks our lovely garden. When we moved in, the room was one of the only ones “recently” decorated, it was a sort of sludge brown/grey colour with a flattened down brown carpet and had built in wardrobes along one wall by the entrance door. When we had to move out to have building work done this room became the store room and we packed it high with our stuff.

Butterfly Crafts Handmade Emporium Craft Room Before-1

When my career break started in July I finished work on the Friday and first thing Monday morning I started to decorate the Craft Room. I had a little help from my Dad with painting the ceiling but i got on with the rest of it – I actually like painting!

Butterfly Crafts Handmade Emporium Craft Room Before-2

As the walls weren’t the best colour to start with they all had to be painted white but for the main colour I opted for Lilac White paint for the four walls and a basic white for the ceiling. The lilac was a strong enough colour to feel warm in the room but also pale to be calming. Our garden faces south and so the sunshine that comes pouring through the patio doors is incredible, its great for product photography!

Craft Room Decorating-1

If you are planning a craft room its really important to think about colours, what colours do you like? What is calming or a creative influence? Think about how light or dark the room is with natural light.

Lilac White for the Craft Room Walls Butterfly Crafts Handmade Emporium

After painting, Paul laid the floor. We have opted for a wood effect laminate as its easy to clean when I make a creative mess. It’s also good to have for when I pop into the garden and might have dirty shoes.

Next step was to bring in all of the furniture but I will leave my storage for a second blog post as I have a LOT of storage!

Have you got a craft room or a space where you are creative? I’d love to hear about it, what colour did you go for?

I often share pictures of my craft room over at Instagram – you can find me here.