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I have been reading so many great blog posts in the past few days about bloggers setting their goals for the year but also sharing them as a way to stay accountable because as we all know, once it’s out on the Internet it has to happen.

I recently blogged about 2015 and a look back on a busy year  and although I talked a little about my ‘words’ for 2016 (Family; Craft; Business) I wanted to take a little longer to think about specific goals for the year, and whether to share them here or not. I decided to share them because putting fingers to keyboard has actually made me think hard about what I would like to achieve this year, staring with my personal goals

Tackle my Pillowcase Dress Challenge

I set myself a challenge to make 115 pillowcase dresses following our handmade wedding back in 2014, so far I am only eight dresses in and have a long way to go

Finish my knitted blanket

A good few years ago now I collected a magazine called The Art of Knitting with the intention of teaching myself to knit. Life got in the way and I only have a few squares of the patchwork blanket down. There are 91 squares in total and I would really like to think this will be the year it is finished.

Finish a Knitted Blanket in 2016 by Butterfly Crafts Handmade Emporium

Decorate our living room

2014 was a crazy busy year with getting married but also buying a house that needs top to toe renovation. We are working our way though it, and are blogging about the process over at Our Mini Money Pit, but Paul and I have said 2016 will be the year we finally rid our living room of its apricot orange paint and pub carpet. It will be a mamouth and expensive project.

Create an office hub

Following on from the above goal, I would like to set up an office hub for myself. We each have our ‘own’ rooms, I have a Craft Room and Paul has his office/mancave. My computer and desk used to be in the office but it wasn’t working out, so I would like to set up a new office hub for myself and it will be a pretty #BCHQ.

Reduce our monthly outgoings

I think a lot of people review their finances at the start of the year, particularly after the spendiness of Christmas. We do pretty well at not spending more than we can afford but I know we can make savings and this is something I want to look into.

Use up my toiletries stash

I have a lot of toiletries! I actually have over four large plastic boxes filled with products waiting to be used. Last year I challenged myself to not buy anything new unless I specifically had run out of something and I still hardly made a dent in the stash so this year the #buylesssavemore challenge will continue.

Spend more time with family

That’s what life is all about really isn’t it? When things get super busy at home with us both working and freelancing and renovating a house we often forget to take time away from it all and be with friends and family.

Take care of my back

In 2013 I was diagnosed with Sacroiliitis in my spine and pelvis which can be excruciatingly painful in a bad flare up. I have worked with a physio for chronic pain and am learning techniques how to manage the pain and to reduce future flareups. It’s something I need to be mindful of even more.

I am very fortunate to be able to work part time in my day job and spend the rest of my time working on Butterfly Crafts. This year I want to learn more about running a business and start to make my little acorn grow. My business goals this year are

Increase blog readership

My blog readership has grown slowly since I first posted but I would love for this year to be a year of growth and I feel I can work towards this by working on the next two goals and creating content that you want to read and want to share.

Create blog content more regularly

This goal goes hand in hand with the goal above. I do enjoy blogging but it is something that I have struggled with asking myself many questions about why I blog and who I am blogging for, questions that have actually stopped me from blogging in the past. My biggest goal this year is to blog more regularly and consistently sharing craft tutorials, diys, business tips and a few things in between. I’d love to hear if there was something you’d like to see me blog about.

Learn about and implement a Social Media strategy

Social media is such a huge part of having a marketing strategy for a small business because it’s free or super low cost. I love using Instagram and Twitter and am dipping my toe into Periscope a little. I would like to be more cohesive with my social media and learn about its potential.

Develop my Craftea Workshop offering

I have really enjoyed teaching Craftea Workshops and spreading the love of craft. This is something I would really like to develop further this year.

Stay on top of accounting

Can you show me one creative business person who is truly on top of their accounting, as it not behind at all? No? Thought not! I tell myself every year that ‘this year will be different’ and it’s not.

Contain craft mess to the Craft Room

I am so fortunate to have my own craft room and I love it, it is painted lilac after all! I do tend to spill out from it though with personal crafting such as my knitting or if I have a fair to prep for I take over a bit too much of the living room and hallway. I need to work a bit harder on containing the boxes.

I will strive to check in throughout the year to update on how these goals are doing, that way I will be accountable to them. I’d love to hear what goals you might have set yourself this year?

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  1. Sarah Knight says:

    Wow – you have a lot of goals!

    Personally, I’ve found that blogging regularly is thanks to setting aside time to plan posts (i.e. what and when) and keeping a journal for jotting ideas in – that way I always have something to write about, and can mix up the content.

    Good luck with it all! 🙂

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