Customer Reviews

“These cards are simply STUNNING! My mother and my Greetings-Cards-by-Butterfly-Crafts-Handmade-Emporiumdaughter are going to absolutely LOVE them (I almost wish I could keep them for myself! ) Victoria makes the most beautiful cards and crafts and I HIGHLY recommend purchasing from her!”

Mischelle, California, USA


“Im so glad to have discovered your soaps! I have lots of severe Lily-of-the-Valley-Shea-Butter-Soap-Barallergies, and have had a several year long struggle to find something I could use to wash my hands – every soap I used would leave me with extremely red, swollen, cracked hands. But reading the ingredients on your soap, I had finally found some that seemed like I wouldn’t react – and I didn’t! I just wanted to message you to say thank you so very much, because my hands (within a week) already look like normal hands, and no longer hurt. You have no idea how grateful I am!”

Jess, Hertfordshire, UK


“They look better in person even than in the pictures! I’m almost Mothers-Day-Cards-by-Butterfly-Crafts-Handmade-Emporiumafraid to write in them, they are so beautiful! You shipped them lickety-split fast and they arrived in time to mail for Mother’s Day so I am ecstatic!”

Paula, New Hampshire, USA


“Oh Victoria!! Splendid little Christmas ornaments, just perfect Christmas-Boot-Decoration-by-Butterfly-Crafts-Handmade-Emporiumand in such detail, we cannot be more thrilled!”

Emily, Cambridge, UK