#MarchMeetTheMaker Instagram Challenge

If you are a user of Instagram then you may have seen various challenges that do the rounds, the idea is you have a prompt and share a photo a day for that prompt. I have seen many challenges but none have appealed to me as much as #MarchMeetTheMaker organised by Joanne Hawker.

The idea behind this challenge is to give an insight into the face behind the business, what goes on behind the scenes and to tell the story of what goes into making and running a creative business.

March Meet The Maker Challenge Butterfly Crafts Handmade Emporium

I’ve really enjoyed this challenge as a way to focus my thoughts on Butterfly Crafts but also a brilliant way to discover lots of new creative businesses and to hear the stories and see the faces behind them. If you’re not an Instagram user don’t worry, you can see the photos I have posted in this Facebook Album.

March Meet The Maker Challenge 2016

These are the prompts that we were given at the start of the month and if you search the #MarchMeetTheMaker hash tag over on Instagram then you will find lots of lovely creative businesses that took part.

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