Pin Like A Pro – 13 Top Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

Pin Like A Pro - 13 Top Pinterest Tips for Bloggers by Butterfly Crafts Handmade Emporium

Last month I headed to Cambridge and attended a super workshop run by Pinterest to provide bloggers with top tips as to how to utilise Pinterest to their best advantage. Those attending were given a great insight into using Pinterest effectively to help drive traffic to our blogs and establish ourselves as an influential pinner. What’s also great is we were encouraged to spread the word and any tips we picked up.

If you’re not aware of Pinterest, it’s a fantastic platform for visual discovery, it helps people to find ideas for their interests and projects and helps people to answer questions where the answer may differ from person to person. Still not convinced you need Pinterest for your blog or business? Here are some stats kindly provided directly by Pinterest:

  • Pinterest has over 70m monthly users,
  • 1/3 of users are Millennials (those born 1980s-2000s)
  • The UK is the largest growing user base after the USA

The amount of information we absorbed was immense, but here are my 13 top tips for how to use Pinterest for blogging.

1. Use Pinterest to show what inspires you and your brand. It’s great to think of Pinterest as a way to generate traffic for your blog but you also have to think about your audience, they want to see more than just your own posts. By sharing what inspires you, you are showing that you are an authentic person behind your brand.  For example I love to bake and find recipes so I have a variety of boards dedicated to recipes.Recipe Boards by Butterfly Crafts Handmade Emporium on Pinterest

2. Be descriptive in your pin descriptions and don’t use #hashtags! Have you ever searched using a hashtag? No, me neither. It is far better to provide a helpful and detailed description that will come up more in searches and make you sound authentic. For example it is much better to say “A DIY tutorial on how to make a clock using fabric and an embroidery hoop for your craft room” than “#clock #tutorial”

3. Likewise it’s good to be descriptive in your board titles and be specific about what people will see when you go and visit your board. “Craft Tutorials – Sewing and Fabric” is going to look better than “Craft Stuff” for example. Craft Tutorials on Pinterest by Butterfly Crafts Handmade Emporium

4. As well as using specific and descriptive titles for you boards, use an engaging cover photo so visually people can see what they are going to be getting. You can edit the cover by clicking into a board and clicking on Edit in the right hand corner. Here are come examples of my Christmas boards with engaging cover photos.Christmas Boards on Pinterest by Butterfly Crafts Handmade Emporium

5. Move your boards around so your most relevant and current boards are at the top. If someone clicks into your profile they might not necessarily scroll and so it is good to have your most relevant boards at the top. For example as Christmas approaches I will move my Christmas boards to the top so they will be the first thing people see.

6. Never delete a board! You might not think that a board is relevant or you might have lost interest in it / stopped liking that topic, but, you don’t know who has pinned from it or linked to your board so leave it be. You can always move it to the bottom of your feed.

7. Pin consistently and constantly but don’t spam! As your followers grow they will look to you for new and inspiring content but you don’t want to jam up their feed with fifty pins in one afternoon and then nothing for a couple of weeks.

8. Have a dedicated board for your blog but also integrate your pins into other boards that you curate so that your brand and blog posts are infiltrating in other ways. Taking a small screen shot of my Things to Cook – Sweet Treats board you can see I have two of my recipes showing alongside other cakes that take my fancy.Top Pinterest Tips for Bloggers Butterfly Crafts Handmade Emporium

9. Bring fresh content into Pinterest and don’t just repin from what you already find. This means that if you read a great blog or article, pin it directly into your Pinterest. Pinning your own blog posts as per Tip 8 is also a great way to bring in new content.

10. 80% of Pinterest usage is on mobile devices (stats from Pinterest) and so using vertical/portrait images for your main image is far better than using landscape images. There is a width limit to Pinterest columns and so a landscape image will be restricted but a vertical image, although will stick to the width limit will be able to show as fully as possible in length. Tied in with this is making sure your blog is optimised for mobile device usage in the first place.

11. Convert to a Pinterest for Business account so that you have access to analytics and insightful data. It is really simple to do and doesn’t take very long at all. You can find out further information on a Pinterest Business Account here.

12. Install Rich Pins, they automatically scrape the meta data from your blog post and create an extra description which is automatically added to your pin. Rich pins not only make your boards look more professional, they ensure the origin of the pin is clearly credited. There are different types of rich pin – Place, Article, Product, Recipe or Movie – and you can only select one type for your blog, this blog by The Nectar Collective explains how to install Rich Pins in WordPress. Here is an example of a rich pin from Kikki K on my Planners and Filofax Board. 13 Pro Pinterest Tips for Bloggers by Butterfly Crafts Handmade Emporium

13. Finally –  Make your blog easy for people to pin from and add your posts to their boards by installing the Pin It button. Using this little button can provide access to unique audiences through Pinterest analytics.

So, I hope you managed to stay with me and that super long blog post but I wanted to share with you the tips that I picked up to help utilise Pinterest even more. It’s a fantastic platform to use, and a great place to lose an hour when you want to look for pretty pictures!

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